Air Koryo

With the rebranding to Air Koryo, the airline moved the DPRK flag right next to the front door, while the tail started featuring Air Koryo’s logo. The airline name is now written in Hangul (고려항공) and Latin (Air Koryo)

In 19XX, the livery was reverted back to the old CAAK tail with the DPRK flag. The DPRK flag near the front door was replaced with the swan logo, minus the red circle.

In 200X, a variant of the previous livery was seen with the DPRK flag being replaced with a waving flag. The fuselage didn’t feature any changes however.

Before the introduction of the current livery, two aircraft were flown in all white fuselage with only the airline titels shown. The tail featured the waving flag design.

The current livery was introduced in 20XX.

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