Air Koryo is the national flag carrier of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). This website will take a deeper look into the aviation of the “hermit kingdom”, with a special focus on the national flag carrier and its predecessor. We will share and value the history and memories of this truely wonderful airline.


The first airline of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was a joint Korean-Soviet venture to connect Pyongyang with Moscow. After the Korean War, the airline was placed under the control of the Civil Aviation Administration of Korea (CAAK).

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The fleet of Air Koryo consists out of modern Antonov An-148 and Tupolev Tu-204 airliners, while “aviation enthusiast” tours charters are still operated within DPRK with classic Soviet aircraft Antonov An-24, Ilyushin Il-62, Tupolev Tu-134 and Tupolev Tu-154.

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NOTE: This website is still in the process of being built. Many sections do not work yet, some are half done and some work properly, as do more and more of the pages. Remember, Air Koryo wasn’t built in a day either!

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